May 27, 2024

With over 50 awards from Editors and 70 game of the year awards Call of Duty is one the greatest games of all time. Selling over 1 million games nowadays is common, even shovelware sequels with little or no fun value can reach that many, although going back a few years CoD was the first title ever to reach that many. This also is a great testimony to the increased audience for gaming which is essential for the industry to survive.

Fast forward six years to Call of Duty World at War and the numbers of games sold is a staggering 11 million (worldwide). World at War (not an official Call of Duty game) was created by Treyarch. Treyarch went back to the roots of the early World War II setting. The WWII setting wasn’t the downfall, the gameplay was. It was described by many as a letdown. Co-operative gamers quickly ditched the new World of War game going back to Modern Warfare.

The new project wasn’t without blunders. The initial hype of the Modern Warfare 2 was short lived after surveys uncovered 35% of those asked didn’t release Modern Warfare 2 was a call of Duty game. After a recent press release showing the new box art, you will notice Call of Duty is included in the game’s title. We can expect more of the same excitement, tense action and solid gameplay from creators’ Infinity Ward the Call of Duty masters. Modern Warfare 2 promises new weapons, character upgrades stealth campaign mission – single player and co-operative aside from the main game mode. Download content such as maps and screens will ensure this title is a worth its weight in pound coins.

Modern Warfare 2 clips are being leaked daily with new teasers popping up on Xbox Live, Tweets on Twitter and on YouTube teasers from Vince Zampella (heading the Infinity Ward team). Modern Warfare 2 picks-up from where we left of in the first CoD Modern Warfare. Technology has been amped up to really make the game look better. Using a new streaming technology they are able to make larger worlds, more detailed hitting a maximum 60 fps on PS3 and Xbox 360. As the game opens, you could be mistaken for expecting to see Bond 007 (without Sony’s background product placement adverts).

The story (without spoilers): Gladamere Macaron is unleashing a wave of terror around the globe. As before you can switch characters, entre Roach of the British SAS. The teaser shows Roach and his buddy Soap MacTavish climbing up a snowy mountain (vertically with ice picks) to infiltrate a Russian Airbase. Soap is now a Captain. The cinematic of the game are straight out of Hollywood if you want to liken the studio quality. A new heartbeat sensor lets you detect the presence of human beings for those stealth campaigns. On the flipside, pick up your trusty M5 and run and gun your way through it if you prefer blood and glory tactics. This option will be a lot harder. The levels aren’t just on foot. You get to battle on Snowmobile and other armored vehicles. The first outing was rather dry, Modern Warfare 2 is far from that, having huge Underwater, Jungle, and City and Snow Level maps.