May 27, 2024

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows -Part 1 is a video game launched by both the EA Play Label of Electronic Arts and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. The video game is available in multiple platforms, including the Nintendo Wii, and is now sold in stores in North America, Europe, Asia and Oceania. Here’s a sneak peak at the notable features, and near-misses of this popular video game.

Packed With Action From Start To Finish

This video game is definitely full-packed with exciting action sequences from start to finish. In this game, players will constantly be on the run, fighting for survival in a frantic and hazardous quest to eliminate and destroy Valdemort’s Horcruxes, as well as engaging in furious combat with the Death Eaters and Snatchers in every turn. Players will also experience fighting epic battles with loads of vicious creatures, and will need to pull together all their magic tricks and potions, as they face a relentless assault from all fronts. Because training is already over, each player must fight for their lives, and engage the enemy head-on.

A Third Person Shooter Game

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows Pat 1 is a third-person shooter, where players use the wand as a stand-in for a gun. Here, you’ll be able to use Harry Potter’s wand as the main weapon, where you can unleash a wide array of magic spells to ward off attackers, evade capture or protect yourself from danger. You’ll also be able to find and utilize a number of potions, for both combat and stealth. In this game, Harry Potter’s famous Invisibility Cloak also allows you to move your way safely past ferocious enemies, and get to various points unscathed and unseen. This video game also includes a series of challenges, which can be seen on the main menu, and is separate from the single-player mode. Local and online leader boards are also available, so that you can compare scores and best times with players from around the world.

The Game Follows The Movies’ Serious Tone

In this Wii Game, Hogwarts is gone for the time being, and Harry Potter races through England fighting the Death Eaters and tracking the He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. And because the movie delves more on life and death sequences, the game’s developer, EA, decide to design the game in a manner which follows the film’s more serious tone and direction. In playing the game, you’ll be armed with a number of spells at your disposal, and you can choose the spells by moving through the D-Pad, or by pausing the action and calling on the weapon wheel.

Although the game is an exciting yet different take on the Harry Potter franchise, some critics and game observers argue that a number of refinements need to be done; however everyone agrees that the game offers more explosive action, magical shootouts and lots of evil creatures spewing out, as well as disappearing, form the plumes of black smoke. Harry Potter die-hards should not expect to see the same old, traditional stuff here, and brace for more slam-bang magical action.