May 27, 2024

When you play airsoft in the wild there are many things you need to think about when safety is concerned. You need to think about the safety of all participants with wildlife and with hazards in the terrain you are playing in.

Airsoft is a blast when you play outdoors in the wild. Many people love to go out in the woods or on several hundred acres of vast terrain. Most people only think about the safety of being hit with a pellet when they are playing airsoft but they don’t think about their surroundings and the dangers that they can come across when playing in the wild.

Wildlife is something people need to consider when they are playing airsoft in the wild. Just because you have an airsoft gun doesn’t mean you are safe. The pellets might give you a sting but they may not give wildlife enough of a sting to protect you. One of the biggest concerns that people should pay attention to is snakes. Snakes in the wild are common problems and if people aren’t careful then they can end up with a snake bite. If you are running from someone and not paying attention then you may step on a snake. California and Arizona have the Diamondback rattlesnakes that have a potentially deadly bite. You should set rules for players that if they see a snake then they should notify all other players of the snake. If the snake is in a prime location of the game then the game might need to be delayed until the snake is properly removed from the location or the section is marked out of bounds for play.

Players can also be subject to injury due to the terrain you are playing in. There might be a hole in the ground that you step in and sprain or break your ankle. You might trip and fall on a branch and get a severe cut that needs to be dealt with. Some terrain people play airsoft in often includes steep slopes and hills, heights you could fall from, and more. You should be prepared for the type of terrain you are playing airsoft.

When you play airsoft outdoors you should be sure to have a medical kit with you if there is not a medical site designated for players. You should wear proper attire for playing outdoors also. Don’t just be prepared for padding to be hit by a pellet but be prepared for the wildlife you might run into like a snake. Wear proper boots and footwear, gloves, knee and elbow pads, and more. You must be prepared for any type of injury when you are running raggedly through rough terrain.

When you play airsoft you can be subject to many different types of injury. You should be prepared for more than just a sting from a pellet but the wildlife and the terrain you are playing in. You can opt to play indoors but playing out in the wild is much more fun. Just be prepared for everything if your game spans several hundred acres.